Why Us

Why use Frisco Web Guru for your next website design?

It’s simple… We care about your story, your goals, and your business.

Most designers and agencies promote two things, good design and cheap prices. Making beautiful websites today isn’t nearly as tough as it used to be, and most designers only care about the design because it looks good in their portfolio, not because it helps the client. And while on the surface cheap prices are good, the end result is typically a cookie cutter website and fewer hours dedicated to making the final website awesome. Frisco Web Design Guru on the other hand takes a different approach. We want to provide you a beautiful design, but we know it takes other elements to truly help your business’ web presence succeed.

Robert Joran

Project Manager // Lead Designer // SEO Specialist

This is My Story

I’ve been doing Website design and development for 12+ years, after stumbling into it. I built my first site in pure html, and it was terribly mediocre. 🙂 Since then I have worked to refine my skills as the internet and design has changed. Along the way one of the most important skills I picked up was SEO, and how to help sites get found in Google!

  • Search Optimization / Marketing 90%
  • Design / Development 75%
  • Project Management 80%
  • Coffee Fueled 90%

Freelancer vs Agency

There is sometimes a perception that a design agency is better than a freelancer. For the end client though, this couldn’t be further from the truth. One key difference why I think being a freelancer is better than an agency is simple… OVERHEAD… When I quote you a project, you’ll only be paying for your project and not a ton for large office spaces, unnecessary staffing, etc. You pay for what you need. But secondly, as a freelancer I have built a large network of other developers, designers, coder, and SEO Specialists who I trust to consult on any project you throw at us. Ultimatly I love being a freelancer, and it helps your bottom line.

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