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Gone are the days where simply having a website means a leg up on the competition. Websites now a days are more than beautiful pictures & loads of information. But the websites that are dominating markets today have more than just a good looks. In fact their web design concentrates on building trust, and converting visitor. Remember your website it is the only thing that promotes you, your business, and your brand 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No employee, no amount of referrals, and no other avenue of advertisement can do that for you. You need great design. Frisco Web Guru uses a full design and implementation strategy with tools to make it possible for your website design to succeed in an ever changing environment. Here are a couple ways we do that for you:

Responsive Design

In a few short years mobile has completely changed the way we not only interact with our world, but also with the web. Google has even begun to prioritize sites that have a mobile presence over those that don’t. Website design has attempted to keep up these last few years with the constantly changing technology and screen size. Here at Frisco Web Guru each of our designs are 100% responsive web designs, so your website adapts to every screen regardless of size. Keep your customers happy regardless of how they access your site! Let us show you how…

Custom Designs

Your web design should be unique to you and your brand! Nothing can shatter trust quicker in a clients mind than a cookie cutter website. When a website is built on a template it quickly becomes obvious to the viewer that it wasn’t designed for that specific business, and whats worse is when your website looks like every other website and there is no distinction between you and your competitors. Frisco Web Guru doesn’t use templates but instead provides you with a custom design, built on an incredible framework to help your site be trusted by your potential customers, and stand out from your competitors.

Wordpress Design

More than 24% of all websites on the Internet today use WordPress as their foundation. WordPress started as a blogging platform that now is the industries best and biggest “Content Management System.” We use WordPress in all of our website designs because of its stability, because its extensible, and because of the sheer power and control we have over design and content. Let us show you how WordPress can help your business.


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